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Oskar Gruenwald, Ph.D.
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Institute for Interdisciplinary Research
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Your collaboration is invited as teacher, author or conference

(1) In press: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies XXIX 2017 on: “The
Future of Religion: Re-Enchantment of the World?,” celebrating the life
& thought of John Paul II, forthcoming, by: Thanksgiving 2017. JIS web: +

(2) Call for Papers: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies XXX 2018 on:
“The American Experiment: A Republic, If You Can Keep It.” (Mss. deadline: January 15, 2018).

(3) Call for Papers: JIS Symposium 2018 on: “The Future of Education:
Rediscovering Free Inquiry,” Hilton Pasadena, California, 2-4 August
2018. (Abstract deadline: March 1, 2018).

We have also interesting books available for review: